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"This is essential reading for anyone who has ever felt lost and is searching for their place in the beautiful mess called life. If you ever feel like your life lacks meaning and you feel disconnected from your true self, Catalyze Your Destiny is your step one. With every page, story, exercise, and illustration, Jordan guides you on a life-affirming journey to the center of what we all crave and search for: purpose. This book is in many ways a self-guided exploration, and there is no greater feeling of affirmation than connecting with who you are, what you want and why you are here. You have purpose, and your life has meaning. What are you waiting for? Don't live another day without knowing. Start that journey today, and catalyze your destiny!"
 --Nadalie Bardo, Founder of It's All You Boo and Author of Conquer Procrastination 

"What Jordan has written in Catalyze Your Destiny is beyond incredible. He does a great job in helping set the foundation of what it means to better understand one's self and to utilize that awareness in the best way possible, by serving others in a purposeful manner. He does this very eloquently by breaking down some of the most common limiting beliefs individuals tend to have when entering this space. Overall, I highly recommend anyone within the self-development and discovering world to give this a read!"
--Bauer Doski, Author and Business Coach

"Jordan's book Catalyze Your Destiny! is THE book you need to finally live your life intentionally! Each chapter drives his points home with abundant clarity, and you'll find clear action steps throughout. If you're looking for insights into your life purpose, grab this book and use it as a recipe for success."
--Tamara Pflug, Personal Development Champion
"Catalyze Your Destiny will help you shine a light on your purpose, which is the most powerful motivator to inspire action. Unlike most self-development books, Jordan puts a lot of focus on practical tips to help you move forward in life. Read this book, follow Jordan's tips, and you WILL see a positive change in most areas of your life."
-- Jari Roomer, entrepreneur & productivity expert.